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Resident and Family Support Council Meeting Review - April 27th


Advocating for yourself or your loved one without fear of retaliation 


Stephen Maxwell, Region 6 Regional Ombudsman

Carrie Leljedal, family advocate for Caregivers for Compromise


We all need to be encouraged to advocate for ourselves, particularly during this pandemic, so during this meeting we discussed how to do this and what to do if you don't feel listened to.  We also had a conversation about retaliation because for many, this may be what stops them from speaking up.  We were strongly reminded that we all have rights and that it is abuse if someone retaliates against you for doing so.  If someone does feel retaliated against, information was shared regarding how to contact to report the abuse. 

Links Shared During the Meeting:

Grievance procedure law:

Facility types and where to file a complaint:

Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People CDC guidance released today:  

IDPH Essential Caregiver Guidance:

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ILC4C Youtube Channel:

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Caregivers for Compromise Zoom meeting link: 

Meeting ID: 810 2865 4307

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