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Assistance In Your Home and Community

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Adult Day Services (ADS) - designed especially for older adults who want to remain in the community but who cannot be home alone during the day due to a physical, social and/or mental impairment.

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Automated Medication Dispenser Service (AMD) a portable, mechanical system that can be programmed to dispense or alert the participant to take non-liquid oral medications.

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Choices for Care in Illinois - The purpose of the Choices for Care Program and answers to questions about how it functions.

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Community Care Program - 

Illinois’ Community Care Program, designed to prevent premature or unnecessary institutionalization by offering in–home, community–based services to eligible adults age 60 and older.

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Emergency Home Response Service - a 24-hour emergency communication link to assistance outside the home for older adults with documented health and safety needs and mobility limitations.


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Home Care Bill of Rights- your rights as a senior or an adult with a disability, living in your own home, and you are receiving home care assistance or you are under a managed care plan.


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SHIP - The Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) - 

a free statewide health insurance counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.

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Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) - a federally funded program designed to assist adults age 55 and older in entering or reentering the job market.

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Social Isolation - The Department, together with the 13 Area on Agencies, wants to reduce social isolation among older adults. This brochure talks about the services available in reducing social isolation in your community.