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DEI Initiatives

The Department on Aging has an internal Equity Advisory Council made up of 21 employees. The Council meets bimonthly, and three subcommittees of the Council meet monthly as well to work on addressing three specific goals. The goals are:

  • Ensuring that the programs administered and monitored by the Department reflect the values of racial equity, cultural competency, and diversity;

  • Increasing staff diversity; and

  • Developing a work culture that promotes racial equity and diversity.

What is DEI?


Equity Advisory Council 2024

Rhonda Armstead - Co-chair
Glenda Corbett - Chair
Benny Davies
Veronica Espina - Co-Chair
Yesenia Garcia
Jeanice McDade
Dana Niehaus
Kelly Richards - Co-chair
Jennifer Pamela Martinez Ruiz - Co-chair
Iris Schweier
Robin A. Tucker - Co-chair
Liz Vogt
Sharon L. Warren