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Support for Caregivers

The Illinois Department on Aging and Aging Network have and will continue to focus on helping caregivers who reside throughout the United States. One in four households (25%) takes on the role of providing care to older family members and friends. Family caregivers serve as a critical component in providing the long term care needs of older adults. Eighty-five percent (85%) of all long term care services are provided by unpaid caregivers. If the work of these family caregivers had to be replaced by paid home care staff, the estimated cost would be $45 to $94 billion per year.

The caregiving role often evolves over time. The caregiver takes on more and more responsibilities, not realizing how involved he or she has become. For others, caregiving comes in a time of crisis, unplanned and unexpected. A sudden illness can turn an independent older person into someone who needs assistance on a daily basis.

Help is available whether you live in Illinois or another state. This web site is designed to give you information without overwhelming you, and to steer you to the places that have been set up to help you directly.