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Volunteer Opportunities

Intergenerational programs are volunteer programs that bring together individuals from different generations to work in mutually beneficial activities. Perhaps older adults come into schools, read to a small group of children, listen to children read or practice flash card skills. Perhaps young members of at t-ball team or soccer team adopt an older adult residential facility and develop meaningful relationships through service projects or pen-pal programs. Perhaps seniors are “Storytellers” at a local library during the summer. Perhaps older adults and high school students enjoy planning and initiating a joint Senior Prom or community beautification project. Whatever the community or school needs, programs are enriched by different generations coming together to contribute and learn from each other. Everyone benefits.

More Volunteer Programs

Other volunteer programs provide Illinois citizens and businesses with the opportunity to provide important services for senior citizens. Perhaps a person helps an older adult manage his monthly bills, a utility company’s employee helps by looking for signs of an older adult needing help while making his rounds through a neighborhood, or a person delivers meals to homebound seniors. Whatever the service, volunteer programs benefit senior citizens, volunteers and the community.

Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for more information on these programs.