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Nutrition Providers

IDoA Forms

Nutrition Registration Forms
Category  Document
Congregate Meals Registration Form
Congregate Meals Registration Form - Spanish Version
Grab & Go Meals Registration Form
Grab & Go Meals Staff Fact Sheet
Grab & Go Meals Registration Form Instruction Sheet
Home Delivered Meals Registration Form
Home Delivered Meals Registration Form Staff Instruction Sheet

Nutrition Education Resources

Nutrition Education Resources 
Category Document
Food Safety The Core 4 Practices
Food Safety Handouts and Related Documents
Food Safety Allergen, Food Handler and Food Safety Manager Training
Nutrition and Aging ican Learning Modules from Administration of Community Living (ACL)
Nutrition Status and Malnutrition Video Presentation
Nutrition Status and Malnutrition  Presentation Slides

Malnutrition Awareness

Malnutrition is defined as too little or too much energy, protein, and nutrients that can negatively impact a person's body and its function. It can result from undernutrition or over-nutrition and can affect anyone, but seniors over 65 years are at an increased risk. As we age, our daily eating habits and activities change, which can affect our nutrition status. The body does not digest and metabolize food as efficiently as it used to. Visit our Malnutrition page for more information.

Malnutrition Awareness Resources
Category Document
Malnutrition  How Home and Community Based Programs Can Make an Impact
Malnutrition Training Handouts and Related Documents
Malnutrition Screening Guidance for AAAs
Malnutrition Resources and Information