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Illinois Council on Aging (ICoA) Advisory Group

The Illinois Council on Aging, an advisory body to the Illinois Department on Aging, was established by the General Assembly on August 9, 1973. The Illinois Act on the Aging, the establishing resolution, became effective Nov. 9, 1973.

The Council is mandated to review and comment on reports by the Department to the Governor and to the General Assembly, and to review and comment upon the Department's State Plan and on all disbursements of public funds by the Department to private agencies.

State law also directs the Council to submit to the General Assembly, the Governor and the Director of the Department on Aging annual reports that evaluate the level of all programs, services and facilities provided to the aging population by state agencies. Further, the Council is directed to consult with the Director regarding the operations of the Department, and to recommend to the Governor candidates for appointment as Director of the Department on Aging.

There are 31 voting members – 23 appointed by the Governor as citizen members, at least 16 of whom should be at least age 60. Members should represent all geographic sections of the state and both political parties. The remaining members are members of the General Assembly – two senators appointed by the President of the Senate, two appointed by the Senate Minority Leader, two appointed by the Speaker of the House and two appointed by the House Minority Leader.

The Council is directed to meet quarterly or as often as the Council Chairman deems necessary to;

  • gather data (from their communities) and share information (with the Department and each other);

  • look at a shared-vision (with the Department) and update that vision as the needs of older people and their families continue to change;

  • act as a conduit for innovations from the outside;

  • consider the needs of special groups; and

  • provide advice-giving to the Department, emanating from evaluation.