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In Illinois, over 200,000 children are living with a grandparent or relative other than their birth parents.

Factors contributing to the recent increase in grandparent caregiving include drugs and alcohol abuse, the AIDS epidemic, neglect, abuse or abandonment, teen pregnancy, death, divorce, unemployment, and parental incarceration.

This issue knows no racial, social, geographic, or economic boundaries. While individual grandparent needs and caregiving situations vary, there is a universal need for resource information. Often, human service providers are the first to become aware of the living arrangement, or are asked to provide resource information.

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The following survey, designed by members of the Illinois Task Force on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, is intended to test your knowledge of the issues and current resources available to grandparent caregivers, and provide you with helpful information. The Task Force can be reached through the Senior HelpLine.

1. Grandparents must often apply for medical services and public assistance, or provide identification for the grandchild.

Which of the documents listed below must grandparents provide in order to acquire most services or gain access to vital records?

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Social Security Card
  • Medical Records / Proof of Immunization

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2. Many grandparents raise their grandchildren without seeking or being granted custodial rights.

  • Is it necessary for the grandparent to have guardianship in order to obtain a Social Security card for the grandchild? (Yes or No)
  • Is it necessary for the grandparent to have guardianship in order to obtain a birth certificate for the grandchild? (Yes or No)

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3. For many grandparents raising grandchildren, one of the most difficult challenges involves dealing with social service agencies and researching programs.

  •  Is there a state program offering financial assistance where only the child's income is counted for eligibility? (Yes or No)
  • Does the grandparent need to have legal custody of the grandchild in order for the grandparent to receive Medicaid? (Yes or No)
  • Must the grandparent receive Medicaid assistance in order for the grandchild to receive Medicaid assistance? (Yes or No)
  • Can the grandparent apply for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) services? (Yes or No)
  • Are children eligible for TANF also eligible for Medicaid health care assistance? (Yes or No)

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4. Is it necessary for a relative to have guardianship to enroll a child in school? (Yes or No)

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