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Coordinated Point of Entry Work Group

The purpose of this work group is to create a Coordinated Point of Entry (CPE) that will facilitate access into the system without regard for the individual's or family's economic or social needs. The CPE will be visible, accessible, consumer-focused, inclusive and supportive. Older adults and their families will expect and find a knowledgeable staff providing prompt information and assistance tailored to individual circumstances through a complete menu of services and assistance.

2009 Co-chairs:
Jonathan Lavin
Cathy Weightman-Moore

2009 Members:
Karen Abee
Janice Cichowlas
Betsy Creamer
Chris Donley
Janet Ellis
Alan Factor
Becky Gillen
Ross Grov
Sharon Hamilton
Holstein Holstein
Julie Hubbard
Lucia Jones
Elaine Jurkowski
Rebecca Lerfelt
Shawn Lewis
Rosanna McLain
Naoko Muramatsu
Margaret Niederer
Mike O'Donnell
Amy Paschedeg
Susan Real
Ziville Sabin
Mary Ellen Schaefer
Bette Schoenholtz
Desiree Scully
Jason Speaks
Louise Starmann
Janice Stille
Wendy Thornton
Heather Underwood
Dave Vinkler
Mark Westenberger
Lisa Zuurbier

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at the East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging, 1003 Maple Hill Road, Bloomington. Meetings are open to the public. 


Meeting Minutes(PDF)
February 24, 2009


March 30, 2009


May 11, 2009


June 1, 2009, 10:30 a.m.
Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging, Kankakee


2007 Meetings
February 27, 2007


March 30, 2007


April 23, 2007


2006 Meetings
February 22, 2006


September 21, 2006


2005 Meetings
January 5, 2005 Minutes
August 8, 2005 Minutes
September 9, 2005 Minutes
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December 13, 2005 Minutes

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