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SHIP Coordinator Job Description

Under the direction of the SHIP Program Director, the coordinator is responsible for the administrative aspects of their SHIP unit, which includes recruiting counselors and volunteers, publicizing SHIP services in their area, and serving as a liaison between their sponsoring agency and the Illinois Department on Aging. The coordinator oversees the counselors and responds to their needs and inquiries.


  • Prefer background in community service.

  • Prefer background and/or experience in volunteer administration.

  • Ability to supervise and work with older persons and volunteers.

  • Organizational skills.

  • Ability to analyze and solve problems.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruit volunteers to serve as SHIP counselors and verify that they have or are willing to obtain an individual email address.

  • Attend initial SHIP training, ongoing education meetings and other meetings pertinent to program goals.

  • Serve as the publicist for SHIP unit.

  • Schedule counseling sessions between SHIP clients and counselors.

  • Act as a liaison between SHIP Program Director and the counselors.
  • Maintain updated list of certified counselors within their unit.
  • Verify that counselors are submitting client contacts and regularly reporting SHIP activities on the SHIP Tracking and Reporting System (STARS) by the end of each month.
  • Meet with counselors on a regular basis to discuss counseling activities and update information on health insurance issues for seniors.
  • Disseminate information provided by the Illinois Department on Aging to counselors.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of procedures and SHIP unit activities and confer with SHIP Program Director.
  • Issue reports to accommodate the administrative and program needs specified by SHIP.
  • Attend coordinator meeting(s) with SHIP staff.
  • Agree to the terms outlined in the annual Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Agree to a background check for themselves and all SHIP counselors.

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