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Automated Medication Dispenser (AMD)

Automated Medication Dispenser (AMD) service is a portable, mechanical system that can be programmed to dispense or alert the participant to take non-liquid oral medications in the participant’s residence or other temporary residence in Illinois through auditory, visual or voice reminders; to provide tracking and caregiver notification of a missed medication dose; and to provide 24 hour technical assistance to the participant and responsible party for the AMD service in the home. The service may provide additional medication specific directions, or prompts to take other medications via other routes such as liquid medications or injections based on individual need. 

The service is provided by a standalone medication dispenser base unit that is connected to and supported by a Department approved AMD provider through either the telephone line or a wireless/cellular connection that does not interfere with the normal use of the telephone or emergency home response system.

AMD is a Community Care Program core service available to eligible participants who need medication reminders to improve medication adherence.  Participants must have a Responsible Party to manage medications and to fill or arrange for the AMD to be filled. The Responsible Party must also agree to receive and act upon notices of missed medications.

The Department has collaborated with AMD Providers to produce a short video on each AMD unit for which they are certified by IDoA.  Each video is close captioned and the links are listed separately below.  The videos demonstrate each unit's unique features and different functions which may aid in choosing the most beneficial AMD unit. 

How to be an AMD Provider

An Automated Medication Dispenser Provider must:

  • Be certified by the Illinois Department on Aging,

  • Provide an AMD unit and  necessary activation equipment,

  • Deliver, install and provide training to the participant and responsible party who manages the medication and fills the dispenser,

  • Be able to program the unit locally or remotely according to specified times for medication administration,

  • Provide notifications to the responsible party of missed medication doses or other system issues such as power outage;

  • Provide access to adherence and monitoring reports via a secure web site,

  • Provide ongoing training as needed, and

  • Provide technical assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Rates for this Service:

  • AMD-only installation and training of equipment unit:  $50.00;

  • AMD-only monthly service unit:  $40.00