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Automated Medication Dispenser (AMD)

Automated Medication Dispenser (AMD) service provides a portable device that can store and dispense pills and capsules and remind older adults to take their medication at the right time of day. It can also:

  • Track doses taken and missed
  • Notify a family member or caregiver of missed medication doses
Who is eligible? What are the benefits?
To receive this service, older adults must qualify for the Community Care Program.
  • Free to eligible older adults
  • A variety of medication dispensing options
  • Auditory and/or visual reminders to help older adults adhere to their medication schedule

The Illinois Department on Aging has collaborated with AMD providers to produce a short video on each AMD unit for which they are certified by IDoA. Each video is closed captioned, and the links are listed separately below. The videos demonstrate each unit's unique features and different functions which may aid in choosing the most beneficial AMD unit. 

American Medical Alert Corporation (Tunstall) / Medminder Unit

Guardian Medical Monitoring Inc / Medready Unit

Guardian Medical Monitoring Inc / MD2

Healthcom Inc / Medready Unit

Valued Relationships Incorporated (VRI) / Medready Unit


For more information about AMD service, contact the Senior HelpLine or your local Care Coordination Unit (CCU) using our map tool.