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Reporting Abuse in Long-Term Care Facilities

There are several entities that will accept a report of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of persons living in a long-term care facility.

  • the Regional Ombudsman located in the region or county of the long-term care facility or

  • the Senior HelpLine or

  • the Illinois Department of Public Health (see information below) or

  • Healthcare and Family Services for Supportive Living Facility Complaints (see information below) or

  • the Illinois State Police Medicaid Fraud Unit (see information below). 

Regional Ombudsmen Response
Ombudsmen are not emergency responders. If you feel that the person is in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1. After contacting the local office, the Ombudsman will explain options of reporting abuse, residents' rights, and the Ombudsman protocol for responding to complaints.

Processing complaints made by or on behalf of residents is the highest priority service of the Program. The Senior HelpLine will provide the contact information for the Regional Ombudsman.

Illinois Department of Public Health

The Illinois Department of Public Health operates a Central Complaint Registry to record and investigate complaints regarding nursing facilities, hospitals and home health agencies.
The Central Complaint Registry (Nursing Home Hotline): 1-800-252-4343, 1-800-547-0466 (TTY). Due to the high volume of calls, it is highly recommended that you submit complaints electronically at

Healthcare and Family Services - Hotline information and Residents' Rights for Residents of Supportive Living Facilities

Complaint Hotline: 1-800-226-0768, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
*Calls will be kept confidential.

Illinois State Police Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

The Illinois State Police Medicaid Fraud Control Unit also investigates long-term care facility complaints related to Medicaid Fraud, Abuse and/or Neglect. Medicaid Fraud can take on a variety of appearances. From purely a fraud perspective, it can be described as any effort to defraud the Medicaid system by billing for services not delivered, or under-delivered. It can also manifest itself in cases where physical abuse or neglect has occurred. This includes, but is not limited to, battery, sexual assault and failure to deliver services or medications. In either case, in order for there to be Medicaid Fraud, Medicaid money must be involved.
To report Medicaid Fraud, Abuse or Neglect, call 1-888-557-9503

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