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Annual Survey of Long Term Care Facilities

The Illinois Department of Public Health surveys long-term care facilities at least once a year to evaluate their compliance with the laws and regulations. An annual survey team usually stays in a facility 3 to 4 days. Complaint surveys are done as needed.

Residents and families may contribute to the annual survey process.

  • Every resident and family member has the right to speak privately with IDPH surveyors.

  • Contact the regional IDPH office if you are interested in participating in the next annual survey. Ask that your loved one be included in the sample of residents studied during the survey visit.

  • Contact your Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman and let him/her know that you are interested in participating in the annual survey.

  • Keep an ongoing log of concerns and the steps you have taken to resolve them. This log can be given to IDPH prior to or during the survey process.

  • You may approach any surveyor, except those meeting privately with residents or observing the administration of medication.

  • Read the annual survey report, which should be on display in the facility and available for viewing by the general public. The past five survey reports should be available upon request.

For more information regarding Public Health's survey process,

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